c. 1940's

By Brian Urry

A picture of Mrs Burgess, mother of my father-in- law, John Burgess outside her house. This photo was taken during the war - note the blackout blinds.

I like the way they built the front wall to match the slope with the road!

These houses were pulled down and replaced by a block of flats which are there on the site today.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'MRS BURGESS, ELPHICK ROAD' page

From private collection of Barry Urry

This page was added by Brian Urry on 05/07/2008.
Comments about this page

Hi Brian,

I well remember going into this house, I believe it was No. 1 Elphick Road. I used to live next door to Rosie Wells (nee Burgess) in Northdown Road when I was a child and used to go down to her father's house with her to help her with the housework. I vividly remember her black leading the grate and stoning the front step! This must have been in the 1950s.

By Marilyn Nolan
On 23/04/2008

Does anybody have any photos of Elphick Road around the 1950 - 1960s?  My sister and I rember Daphne and Eileen's shop - our mum Jean Beard used to shop there . It would be great to see some - thanks.

By colleen raynsford
On 21/02/2011

I'm sure I remember a chip shop and a bakers shop in Elphick Road, in the 1940's.

By Michael Cawte
On 03/03/2011

There were 5 or 6 shops at the end of Elphick Road in the sixties. Plus the sweet shop next to the steps that lead down to Cock Sparrow. Most roads had a shop in those days, Rose Walk, Newfield Road, Meeching Road, all sadly now gone.

By Ron Herriott
On 19/08/2012

I was born at number 6 Elphick Road and my Nan and Grandad Ring lived at number 10 with their triplets Fred, Alfred and Nellie. 

By Christina Butler (nee Lynch)
On 16/04/2017

Can anyone remember the cafe with juke box on Elphick Road run by Jack Nutley during the late 50s early 60s? I also remember going to Barbara Lynch's house for dancing practice. Can anyone else remember the fun we had?

By Carole Knott (nee Wilkinson)
On 17/04/2017

I remember the cafe in Elphick road, we used to call it the Sweat Box. All the motor cyclists used to end up there most evenings. The noise when we all left in the early hours was terrible and caused many complaints from the residents.

By Bryan Greenfield
On 20/04/2017

I Remember Jack Nutleys Cafe well Bryan. Spent many an evening in there. I had an Enfield, think yours was a Vincent. Alf Charman (engine driver) lived almost opposite. he used to go on me for the noise.....LOL

By William Still
On 22/04/2017

Can anyone tell me what the name was of the sweet shop at the end of Elphick Road by the stairs? and is there any photos..? so many fond memories of being taken down there when I was a child by my father. 

By Parbej Hashim
On 22/04/2020

Chillmans by the steps leading down to Essex Place, and Reannies further along towards Lewes Road. Further up Lewes Road was Maslins and the "Cafe".

By Ian Bishop
On 01/05/2020

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