Views from The Fort - Good Friday 21 March 2008

By Andy Gilbert

Here are a few photos of Seven Sisters' afternoon arrival at Newhaven on Good Friday, 21st March 2008. It was, of course, 'Our Newhaven' Day up at the Fort and these were taken from the 12-pounder gun emplacment.

It was a breezy day and I had to feel a little sorry for the people in the Pilot Boat that went out to meet here. 7S was rolling, but in a slow, gentle manner. (Fast rolling is most undesirable!) She also appeared to have a slight list to starboard, but maybe that was the effect of the wind.

Note the absence of passengers, compared with the 'good old days' of the steamers and the early car ferries. Either they were all on the starboard side, eager to catch a glimpse of the 'scrap metal mountain' or, more likely, they were all already in their cars ready to disembark.

Watching the arrival brought back memories of the 1960's for me. Sitting on the back of my Dad's Lambretta scooter as he took me down Gibbon Road and up to the Fort after school to watch a mailboat arrive or depart. No belts, straps or helmets in those days, just a tight grip and faith in your Dad!

Does anyone else go up there to watch the boats?

Photo:Seven Sisters rolls in.

Seven Sisters rolls in.

Andy Gilbert

Photo:Rounding the breakwater. The little pilot boat sensibly stayed in the lee of Seven Sisters on the way in.

Rounding the breakwater. The little pilot boat sensibly stayed in the lee of Seven Sisters on the way in.

Andy Gilbert

Photo:Passing the East Pier light.

Passing the East Pier light.

Andy Gilbert

Photo:Safely in, past the West Pier

Safely in, past the West Pier

Andy Gilbert

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Sadly the time table doesn't cater for day trips anymore with the exception of Saturdays, even then the departure time is not until 09.30 which means she arrives too late for the market in Dieppe.

By Harry M.
On 04/11/2009

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