Photo:Philip Harben, first TV chef leaving Newhaven Customs shed

Philip Harben, first TV chef leaving Newhaven Customs shed

Colin Holden

Phillip Harben BBC Radio and first Television Chef.

By Colin Holden

Phillip Harben is seen here leaving the Customs clearance shed in his Daimler Conquest in 1957, on the road which led out onto Transit Road.

The shed which was manned & operated by Customs and Waterguard Officers, was sited alongside the Harbour Station. Also present would be staff of the Automobile Association and Royal Automobile Club who were there to assist their members and also acted as agents for the Ministry of Transport.

Up until the mid 1960's documents/carnets etc. had to be shown and the engine/chassis number etc., checked when importing and exporting every vehicle.

Prior to the introduction of the roll on/roll off ferry 'Falaise' on the 1st June 1964, all cars were carried by the cargo boats 'Rennes', Nantes' and 'Brest' (known locally as "the screws"), and were loaded and unloaded by crane at the berths adjacent to the East Pier.  The incoming cars were then driven by the A.A. or R.A.C staff to the Customs shed to await their owners who would arrive by the following passenger ship, the 'Brighton, 'Arromanches'  or 'Londres'. When I worked at the harbour for the A.A. during the 1960's, I was one of over 20 staff employed by them.

The petrol pumps seen to the rear right of the car were operated by staff from the Harbour Garage in Clifton Road.

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