South Road, Newhaven

The Police station is now on this site. There was much excavation undertaken here prior to Police station being built as it was believed to be a Roman site. The artefacts that were discovered can be seen in a showcase at the entrance of the Police Station and also in Newhaven Maritime & Local Museum . The anticipated remains of a Roman Villa was never found but could exist under the nearby roads.

Photo:Christ Church

Christ Church

Courtesy of: Newhaven Historical Society

This page was added by James Stevens on 12/06/2007.
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This photo looks really old -
Whos that man?

By Tom Baker
On 12/06/2007

I don't know who the man is, but I remember attending this church as a young child and I remember the beautiful screens. Meeching School used the Church Hall for assembly and also dinner times in the 1960/70's, and I attended Brownies there also. Does anyone have photos of the hall or the inside of the church?

By Sylvia Woolford
On 23/08/2007

I also ate school meals in that hall. Just out of shot there is the gate to the church, after that there is another tree. Remember hearing about the little boy falling from that tree and becoming impaled on the steel fence below? That was me!

By William Still
On 14/11/2007

This photo reminds me of when I lived in South Road during the war. We had to take our mattresses to the Christ Church every night to sleep under the church hall.

By Jean Deakin
On 01/03/2008

I remember when I was at school at Hillcrest we weren't allowed out at dinner time, but my friends and I sneaked out one day and went to see the Nativity in the church. We were late back but because we had been in church this saved us a telling off!

By Reigna Mitchell
On 20/04/2008

Actually that looks rather like Pilky (Rev. Pilkington) to me, but that would date it back to only the late '60s or 70s. I'm not even sure when Christ Church was demolished so I'm not sure if it even is him.

I do remember both the church and the church rooms (and school dinners shipped from Lewes!) distinctly. And as I recall the connecting passages were very spooky and had a distinct odour!

By Steve Robinson
On 27/01/2009

I remember the iron railings around the church, I still have a scar by my right knee to prove it. There were conkers laying on the ground in the churchyard and it seemed a good idea to leap the fence and get them. There followed a visit to Dr Alexander at his house by the Schooner Garage.

By Ron Herriott
On 13/12/2009

I attended Sunday School in a hut behind the church and seem to think the teacher was a Mrs Wade. That was in the mid to late 50s. Yes I also think that the man is Rev Pilkington he married us in 1970 at St. Michaels. We attended Girl Guides in the hall and would buy chips in the fish shop in South Road on the way home.

By Suzanne Aylott (Hood)
On 17/10/2013

Is that the Suzanne Hood who went on a youth hostel trip with myself and a group of girls in the 1960s? 

By Miss Butlin
On 21/10/2013

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