Blue Star Garage

By John Hills

This is a picture of the " Blue Star " garage at Denton corner in the mid 1960's, petrol then would have been about 20p a gallon 4.5p a litre!

Looks like the sparks are doing the final connections to the garage forecourt lighting...

Frosts car sales are on this site today....

Left to right:- :-  ? ; John Hills ; Ken Fry ; ? ; Harold Hills.

Photo:Forecourt lighting

Forecourt lighting

Photo:1990 - Look at the price of petrol!!

1990 - Look at the price of petrol!!

Photo:Garage 2008

Garage 2008

This page was added by John Hills on 31/12/2007.
Comments about this page

When I began driving in 1964 I used to fill up at the Blue Star garage and 3 gallons of four star petrol cost me £1 (i.e. 6s/8d a gallon)

By Richard Beckett
On 03/01/2008

Thank you Richard , glad someone is paying attention...

By John Hills
On 05/01/2008

I have added an even earlier picture of the Oriel cafe & garage which was on the site previous to the Blue star garage. See my pictures on "Some old some not so old"

By Richard Beckett
On 24/01/2008

I remember the Blue Star garage. Fred Rayner used to work in there selling the petrol. I remember filling up my Green Mini van in the mid 60s for 6 shillings.  How times have changed.

By Ted Cairns
On 25/06/2008

When the old Blue Star garage was taken down I brought all the R.S.J's so that I could erect a building on land somewhere else.  I never got around to putting the building back up.

My recollection is that I paid around £60 for the whole thing but hey guess what I have just put all those R.S.J's in the scrap iron.
And what an investment. it made a lot more than what I paid for it.
(That's what I call recycling).

By Robert Horscraft
On 25/06/2008

Re: Ted Cairns. Would you be the same Ted Cairns that worked at the Carriage & Wagon back in the 50's?  If so would like to make contact with you...

By Jim Still
On 16/07/2008

I would come home from college at weekends and every Sunday evening I would go the Blue Star garage to put petrol in my Mini . In the early 70's they installed an automatic machine that took fifty pence pieces. I discovered a way of jiggling the turn wheel to get an extra couple of lots of fuel out.  I made the mistake of telling my mother who, being the honest sort that she is, went down and told the owner of the fault, there ended my free fuel .

By Dave
On 27/07/2008

I too used to get petrol from the Blue Star garage; I can remember it being 5 shillings a gallon and a pound used to nealry fill up my mini van. I bought an Austin Healy frog eye from the garage next door for 195 pounds in the mid sixties. A couple of years later I part exchanged it for a Cortina from the garage at the other end of the Drove. Wish I had kept the frog eye, they sell now for upward of 10,000 pounds.

By Terry Howard
On 31/01/2011

I used to work for Blue Star back in 1965/1966, I was in 152 Branch, Chalk Farm, London.


By Jim Mullen
On 08/01/2015

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