Richard Beckett

Until May 1964 there used to be a very old Fire Engine (Horse Drawn?) in a shed alongside the road just on the Station side of the river bridge.

What is known about it is (1) It carried a makers plate which read “Shand & Mason Blackfriars Road. London” (2) The word “Newhaven” was painted on both sides of the box and (3) the words “Number 3 London Brighton & South Coast Railway” was painted on the rear of the box.

I have been trying to trace its present whereabouts (if it still  exists) but so far without success. In 1964 it was sent to the then Railway Museum at Clapham in South London, but that museum closed many years ago and much of the contents was sent to the National Railway Museum at York. I have contacted the NRM but they have no record of the Fire Engine in question ever having been there so I hit a blank wall there.

SO!! Is there anyone out there who

(1) Ever had anything to do with using it? or

(2) Knows where it is now or what happened to it?

(3) Has any photos of it or knows where there are any?

PLEASE PLEASE let there be someone!!!! 


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