Climb aboard little orange

By Laurie Stonehouse

These photographs were taken on the 11th October 2008.  I'm not sure why the little orange boat was winched aboard.  I can only guess that it was some kind of training exercise.



Laurie Stonehouse

Photo:Who's this ?

Who's this ?

Laurie Stonehouse

Photo:Slow down! 5 knots only

Slow down! 5 knots only

Laurie Stonehouse

Photo:Ok can i climb aboard?

Ok can i climb aboard?

Laurie Stonehouse

Photo:Hold on to the ropes

Hold on to the ropes

Laurie Stonehouse

Photo:Are you ready

Are you ready

Laurie Stonehouse

Photo:Don't let go

Don't let go

Laurie Stonehouse

Photo:Nearly there

Nearly there

Laurie Stonehouse

Photo:That was hard work

That was hard work

Laurie Stonehouse

Photo:Don't even think about it,you're needed here

Don't even think about it,you're needed here

Laurie Stonehouse

This page was added by Laurie Stonehouse on 12/10/2008.
Comments about this page

I like the humour Laurie, but I don't think the davit would take the bigger (orange) boat.  I think they were carrying out a test on 'launch and recovery' on this small (Orange) RIB inflatable for safety drill purposes etc. More curious on the present ferries is the other form of liferaft/safety system, which is indicated by the line aft of main carried lifeboat, running down hull side in a rectangular fashion just below white canopy stowage, it would be interesting to see this deployed (but not for emergency reasons!).

By Chris young
On 10/05/2009

Why has the Pilot recently started escorting the ferries out of the harbour. Never seen this before!

Newhaven steamers and ferries have traditionally done their own pilotage, to avoid having to pick up and drop pilots off shore. So ships' officers would have to hold a PEC (Pilotage Exemption Certificate) for the ports. One of the requirement for this is minimum number of trips into the port - in most UK ports (and I assume Newhaven) that would be  12 trips, as our two ships are just below the 150m length that would have required 20.

During those trips, a pilot would be required, so we can assume that there are some new officers on the bridge 'learning the ropes', so to speak. Andy-Editor


By Ian Bishop
On 10/08/2020

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