In for a rest

By Chris Moxham

This is nostalgia in a way. I live in Bath but whilst visiting relatives in Seaford I was travelling through Newhaven last Friday when looking across to the ferry terminal I saw what I thought was a Seacat.

Now I know that the regular Seacat service to France ended some years ago when Hoverspeed went bust, but I would swear that this was one on Friday. Can anyone confirm whether I am right or was just imagining it??

Regards, Chris

The picture below was kindly provided by Andy Gilbert. See his comment below the picture. Richard Beckett



Andy Gilbert

This page was added by Chris Moxham on 15/12/2008.
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Not a Seacat, Chris, but close.

This vessel is HD Lines' catamaran, HD1. (Original name, huh?) It's laying up here before it returns to its route from the Channel Islands to France.

Hoverspeed didn't go bust, by the way. They simply closed the route at short notice and moved on elsewhere, presuambly looking for greener pastures as it wasn't making enough money for them.


By Andy Gilbert
On 20/12/2008

This is one is just resting, berthed here for a while. Don't know why though.

By Colin Greenall
On 20/12/2008

Hi Chris
There is a seacat in at the moment, she is laid up here for the winter not actualy running a service though

On 20/12/2008

You will find informations about this boat on


By Dechorgnat
On 06/01/2009

Hi Andy, I beg to differ on the comment about Hoverspeed at Newhaven I believe this route was the only route in profit.
I have been informed that the HD ferry will not be returning to the channel islands.

By Harry M.
On 04/11/2009

I wouldn't know, Harry, but my exact words were 'not making enough money'.

I don't think anyone expected HD1 to go back to the CI routes after her seemingly calamitous time there!

I wonder how much it's cost her owners to have her sitting here all this time?

By Andy Gilbert
On 04/11/2009

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