Dance Time c1950's - Regular Scene at Newhaven

By Brian Urry & Norma Ingram

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'EAST SIDE ROVERS FOOTBALL CLUB' page
Photo:E.S.R.F.C Dance

E.S.R.F.C Dance

Norma Ingram

I am told that this picture was probably taken at the dance hall which was situated at the rear of the Drove Garage and after the hall ceased to be an ice rink. This hall was used by the soldiers based in Newhaven. - Brian Urry.

The second photo was taken at the same time and therefore both photos show a party held by East Side Rovers Football Club. My Mum and Dad, Hetty and Charlie Stone are second and third from the right, sitting at the centre table looking at the camera and I am sitting opposite them. Definitely in the 1950's. - Norma Ingram (nee Stone)

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The lady in the front row with the buttoned top was my aunt, Bunny Browning & the man behind her was her husband Jim.They had a dance band which was very popular & was used by most Newhaven people wanting live music for all types of events.

By Kathleen Goff (Ingram)
On 03/01/2010

Think it is probably Alan Stone sitting at small table on left and on the right hand side of person smiling at camera. See Alan from time to time. He is very well and still lives in Newhaven.

By Paul Blackman
On 26/02/2010

The Lady and Gentleman sitting underneath the flag are my Gran and Grandad Charlie and Rose Cowley (nee Flowers), how young they both look. Janet Jenkins (nee Driver).

By Janet Jenkins
On 29/01/2012

Also the lady and gentleman sitting at the wall end of the long table are my aunt and uncle Maurice and Barbara Cowley, son of Charlie and Rose Cowley Janet Jenkins (nee Driver)

By Janet Jenkins
On 29/01/2012

Paul Blackman (26.10.2010) is right, that is Alan Stone at the table. I bumped into him in the street at Port Said in 1955 when we were both doing National Service.

By Mike Bourne
On 13/05/2012

I believe that this was the Social Hall in Baker Street that was adjacent to The Engineer.   My parents bakery was opposite The Engineer.


By Michael Cowley
On 21/08/2018

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