Newhaven and Peacehaven heights

By Sylvia Woolford

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Susan Birks

This page was added by Sylvia Woolford on 14/10/2007.
Comments about this page

I have not found this page before, it was the area we used to have cross country running on. Must have been in the winter time we did it as all I can remember about it was the mud, stich and cold, oh and lots of pain.

By Terry Howard
On 22/11/2019

Oh yes, I remember the cross country runs, or bog trots as we called them. Occasionally went all the way down to the cliffs - Heaven knows what H&S would say about that today!

And we'd occasionally cheat and take a short cut, waiting until some of the runners who'd done the whole course came along and then joining back in. No-one ever told Taffy Davies about us!

By Andy Gilbert
On 22/11/2019

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