Our ships in Dieppe

By Andy Gilbert

Photo:Londres, Brighton and a Dieppe 'screw'.

Londres, Brighton and a Dieppe 'screw'.

Kind permission of Jim Evans

We often see photos of our steamers, cargo boats and ferries in and around Newhaven. It is the Our Newhaven site, after all! But let's not forget our partner port of Dieppe on the other side of the channel.That's where our ships went every day, so what did they look like over there?

This is a lovely original photo that popped up on the excellent Ships Nostalgia website this morning. The photographer, Jim Evans, has kindly given me permission to add it to our site.

It shows the scene at the Quai Henri IV on a sunny afternoon in 17th August 1959. At the left, we see the bow of the Londres and in the centre, next to the Gare Maritime is the last British passenger steamer on the route, the stylish Brighton VI. She's moored where the first car ferry ramp would be built just four years later, heralding the end for all the vessels in the photo. Over at the right is one of the Dieppe 'screws', and it has to be either Rennes or Nantes. The third member of the trio, Brest, had a subtle difference in the black at the top of her funnel.

And is it just me, or did our ships look smarter in these traditional colours, rather than Sealink blue, Stena white or Transmanche yellow!

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 19/01/2010.
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Its not just you Andy. I prefered them in their black and white livery too!
I sailed on both the Londres and the Brighton around 1962

By william still
On 22/01/2010

That is so true Andy, I think the ships looked a lot smarter in those days. In the picture I would say that Londres is flying the Blue Peter at her yard arm, probably suggesting she is on Night Service. Brighton has not swung yet suggesting she has recently arrived. Truly a great picture.

By Jim Still
On 22/01/2010

Classic picture of the mail boat berths in the inner harbour of Newhaven's continental partner. The last mail boats shown here draw your eye to their modest size when compared to the present ro/ro ferry, ( Seven Sisters ) which alas is at present the sole vessel servicing the route. Especially when compared to background crane and old terminal building. All long gone with the new yacht marina occupying this area. However the shift to the new outer harbour ferry-berthing terminal on the east side of Dieppe, made handling of larger ferries a lot easier .

By Chris Young
On 23/01/2010

True, Chris, but it was great to be able to step off the ferry and be on the main street in seconds. Part of 'old' Dieppe's charm for me. The bus ride around from the new terminal just isn't the same somehow.

By Andy Gilbert
On 24/01/2010

I am sure I remember ferries in Dieppe as a child being moored close to the harbour wall which was in an old town. This would have been 1965 ish, and the last time we sailed from Dieppe was that legendary rough crossing on the infamous ''Falaise''- a small ship, and a bit of a bronko. That was the last time step-mum could face the relatively long Folkestone -Dieppe crossing. But even as a little kid, the old port of Dieppe remains in my memory. Seeing the White Cliffs of England approaching was always dear to my heart though-especially after being away from the family cat! dread of rough seas has remained since that memorable Falaise crossing. Thankfully have never [so far] have had one as bad as that , but in a couple of weekends time, I may well have to go to Ireland to collect an item -across the Irish sea twice in one day. Can my inner ear stand it? -booked on the Stena Europe, but have not been on a ferry for years. The last one outbound one was the Chartres.

By Catherine M
On 13/03/2014

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