Photo:TSS.Falaise Damaged At East Pier

TSS.Falaise Damaged At East Pier

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'TS FALAISE HITS EAST PIER' page

One of several such incidents.

By Mick Cutler

Ouch! This is the bow of the car ferry Falaise after one of several incidents involving the East or West Piers. She also used the pier in Dieppe for 'target practice' just a couple of months after starting the car ferry service in June 1964. I was on watch in the boiler room when this collision happened. It was like an express train hitting the buffers, we were all thrown everywhere and doing head dives into the Boiler fronts. This was the second time it had happened with bow rudders having to be replaced each time. After investigation by the British Ship Research Association doing steering tests at sea, it was found that the ship had the inability to steer a required course. As a result of this, a modest increase to the rudder resolved the problem.


I'm told that she was not the easiest ship to handle at low speeds. -Andy, Editor.

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My dad sustained a black eye, he was bosun Fred Curl. Anyone remember him?

By Keith Curl
On 06/03/2011

I remember a very rough crossing on this ship as an 8yr old child, sailing from Dieppe to Dover. The ship was tossed about like anything [summer 1968] and a lot of people were seasick-not pleasant. After this extended crossing, mum insisted on Dover Calais-her inner ear could not stand a longer, rough crossing!

Dieppe-Dover? That would be very strange, unless Newhaven was closed for some reason. Do you remember? Andy, Editor.

By cathy MacKenzie
On 25/05/2011

Oops-my error! on two counts- it was 1969 and most likely Newhaven, all I do remember is saying, as a kid, as spray flew and the ship rose and fell and rolled ''how many more hours?'' to dad and he [who had been in the Navy for his National service] said ''We are an hour and a half in-but this isn't rough-Calm as a millpond!'' and ''This would hardly cause the Captain's Rum to slide across his table!''-Dad was lucky in that he never felt giddy at sea. I think it was August 1969 also my mum had to cope with my baby brother as well as her own ''discomfort''. Dad advised me to go and buy a chocolate bar [his remedy for any moaning] and I do remember the Barman advising me ''don't eat those now, dear [chocolate biscuits in a little packet] they will only come up again!'' I kept them in my hand till I got home! I remember well the forbidden access to any deck for fresh air, but the ship had some ''stable door'' type things enclosed on a deck that passengers could get some much needed air. I remember a selfish seasick man who kept shoving the kids out of the way. It was sheer relief on everyone's face when the ship finally docked.

By Cathy Mackenzie
On 26/05/2011

I was a deckhand on the Falaise around 1965-66 and certainly remember Fred Curl.... one of the nicest bosuns I sailed with, quiet, friendly and helpful.

By Rod Baker
On 18/10/2013

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