Kodak box camera photos from my teens

By Derek Longly

Having discovered in my early teens how fascinating the harbour could be at Newhaven I would take every opportunity to travel over on the Southdown bus, or the train, from Seaford to explore.  My trusty Kodak box camera went everywhere with me and I happily snapped anything that floated.  Here are a few more interesting callers at the port from those uncomplicated and happy days.

On one occasion, (exciting for me), I managed to get on board the  " Beverleygate " of Hullgates Shipping Co.  In later years I went aboard a good many other coasters but mostly at Shoreham and this particular visit is memorable in being one of my earliest opportunities to go on board a real salt caked, hard working ship.

Photo:" Flathouse " of Stephenson Clarke Shipping Co

" Flathouse " of Stephenson Clarke Shipping Co

Derek Longly

Photo:" Gardience " built 1948 of London & Rochester Shipping Co

" Gardience " built 1948 of London & Rochester Shipping Co

Derek Longly

Photo:" Inca " built 1925 of Inca Transport Corp

" Inca " built 1925 of Inca Transport Corp

Derek Longly

Photo:" Speciality " built 1951 and at the time virtually brand new, of F T Everard & Sons

" Speciality " built 1951 and at the time virtually brand new, of F T Everard & Sons

Derek Longly

This page was added by Derek Longly on 11/06/2011.
Comments about this page

More memories for me. Flathouse was one of the 'stand-ins' for our regular collier, Keynes. Everards were at one time quite regular callers here and also at Shoreham. I'm pretty sure I remember Speciality though she would have been a few years older by the time I saw her.

By Andy Gilbert
On 12/06/2011

Interesting to see the difference in design before and after the war with Gardience especially looking very 'modern' and like the hundreds of dutch coasters that would ply the channel. I must admit, Con Zelo was my favourite although according to my mum I used to look out for the 'Ron Willoughboat' as I called the Ron Woolaway. Life was so much simpler then.

By Rob Patten
On 17/06/2011

Yes, I remember the Con Zelo as well as the Sand Tern. However didn't the Ron Woolaway berth up at the wharf on the West Quay, where that ballast grading plant was located.

That's quite correct, Colin. Andy-Editor

By Colin Hussey
On 01/11/2013

About 60 years ago, I was the very young 1st Mate of the "EILDON" and we were a fairly regular runner to Newhaven with coal from the NE coast, so regular that our Chief Engineer, from Edinburgh, moved his family down to Newhaven while on leave. During his leave, we did a trip into Newhaven and to the best of my recollection, we never came back again for ages, if at all. The Chief's name was Hutchinson, a very nice, quiet man indeed.

I really liked Newhaven. When I got the chance, it was great to sit in the sunlight in one of the pubs and have a beer and a crab sandwich. Compared with the NE coast, it was bliss...

By Henry Edmunds
On 11/06/2016

That would have been Adolf Hutchings. I went to school with his youngest son. His older son has posted on this site. Quiet and polite sums him up.

By Ron Herriott
On 12/06/2016

Hello to Ron Herriott,

Thank you for dragging my failing memory back to the present. Of course our Chief Engineer's name was Hutchings. Am I correct in remembering that his Wife was a milliner? Should you encounter any of his family, please tell them of my respect for him.

Thank you, Henry Edmunds.

By Henry Edmunds
On 09/07/2016

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