Governor of the Union Workhouse Newhaven

By Jane Turner

I recently discovered that a relative of mine, Frederick George Turner, was the governor of the Newhaven Workhouse circa 1850 - 1878, once I'd got over the initial shock I reasoned that he might have been a good governor and not necessarily the kind exposed by Charles Dickens.  Does anyone have any information about the workhouse and it's governors in the 19th century?  Frederick George Turner was born in London in 1819, married a Newhaven girl, Laura Smith in 1850 and had a son, Everard, in Newhaven in 1863.

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If you type the word "workhouse" in the search box at the top of the first page you will find that there have been several pages published about it on this web site. including one by a gentleman, Harry Gaston, who worked there for many years and also wrote a book about it. Perhaps you might care to contact him as he still lives in Hillcrest Road.

On 10/08/2011

Thank you, RB, I have had a look at the photos on the site as you suggested and I shall definitely be making enquiries about the book you mention. Thank you again. Jane

By Jane Turner
On 14/08/2011

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