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Photo:Scoffers and John Kennedy Bookmakers - 1983

Scoffers and John Kennedy Bookmakers - 1983

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The best sandwich shop bar none, with all the possible ingredients laid out in a display cabinet in front.

By Rob Patten
On 22/11/2013

I actually did all the exterior painting of "Scoffers" one summer school holiday! Stavros, the greek owner, was a good man!

By Michael A Cutler
On 29/03/2016

I once worked for a company at the harbour and got Luncheon Vouchers as a 'perk of the job' (tax-free, as I recall) in return for all the unsocial hours I often had to work. I think Scoffers was the only place in the town to accept them at the time, so when working the 9-5 day shift, I'd walk over and eat lunch there, he did a great spaghetti bolognese, amongst other things.

By Andy Gilbert
On 30/03/2016

I was the Manager of the Co-op during 1978 and loved the Scoffers hot pies - my mid-morning treat!

By Mike Hedgethorne
On 04/07/2020

I worked at Main Systems and used to call into Scoffers to buy our MD's lunchtime sandwiches.  Also, John Kennedy was my brother-in-law - he sadly passed away in 2001.

By Carol Walton
On 08/07/2020

My first memory of this shop was going there to buy dog biscuits around 1960. Spratt's Mixed Ovals. A little later I'd go there for pigeon peas for my trusty pea shooter.

By Ron Herriott
On 09/07/2020

From 1989 to 1991 I was working for Gibbons Freight, in one of the freight agents' Portakabins next to the station. As well as a salary, we all got Luncheon Vouchers. If I was on the 9-5 day shift I got a proper lunch break and would always go to Scoffers as Stavros was probably the only person in town to accept the vouchers. Had some very nice meals in there, he did a terrific spag bol!

And I also remember the shop as Sweatmans. As a nipper, I used to go there to get pet food for the cat and rabbit, and needles for the radiogram. Oh boy that does make me feel old!

By Andy Gilbert
On 09/07/2020

What was this shop selling in the sixties? I seem to remember going in there when I worked at Bannisters Builders  just up the High st a bit. I was sent to just about every shop in the High st. The Bank .Woolworths, International stores, Funnells bakery, You name it I was probably sent there for something. Also down to Bridge st for crisps at the Pub, Baldwins for papers, Book and Bacca for Fags.

By Terry Howard
On 11/07/2020

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