By Laurie Stonehouse

Photo:Scoffers and John Kennedy Bookmakers - 1983

Scoffers and John Kennedy Bookmakers - 1983

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The best sandwich shop bar none, with all the possible ingredients laid out in a display cabinet in front.

By Rob Patten
On 22/11/2013

I actually did all the exterior painting of "Scoffers" one summer school holiday! Stavros, the greek owner, was a good man!

By Michael A Cutler
On 29/03/2016

I once worked for a company at the harbour and got Luncheon Vouchers as a 'perk of the job' (tax-free, as I recall) in return for all the unsocial hours I often had to work. I think Scoffers was the only place in the town to accept them at the time, so when working the 9-5 day shift, I'd walk over and eat lunch there, he did a great spaghetti bolognese, amongst other things.

By Andy Gilbert
On 30/03/2016

I was the Manager of the Co-op during 1978 and loved the Scoffers hot pies - my mid-morning treat!

By Mike Hedgethorne
On 04/07/2020

I worked at Main Systems and used to call into Scoffers to buy our MD's lunchtime sandwiches.  Also, John Kennedy was my brother-in-law - he sadly passed away in 2001.

By Carol Walton
On 08/07/2020

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