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Photo: Illustrative image for the 'EVELYN AVENUE' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'EVELYN AVENUE' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'EVELYN AVENUE' page

Good Friday Skipping c1980

By Marilyn Nolan

When we lived in Murray Avenue (1969 - 1985) we always joined in with the Evelyn Avenue celebrations.  I remember at a meeting to discuss the arrangements leading up to one Good Friday celebration I somehow or other managed to volunteer myself for making 200 hot cross buns for the day!  I made the dough the night before in my baby bath, being the largest thing I had and left it to rise overnight.  The next day I knocked the dough back and put the buns on baking trays and piped paste crosses on them.  15 neighbours came and collected a tray each and baked them in their ovens then took them over to Edna Moore's house in Evelyn Avenue where they were glazed and split and buttered.  Even though I say it myself, they were delicious.  Recipe available if you want it!

What made it even more memorable was the fact that on the Good Friday we were having double glazed windows fitted in our house,  the only time that they could do it!  Good job I was younger and fitter then, I don't think I could cope with it now!

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Maz, the hot cross buns you made were delicious :o)

I remember some of the meetings to discuss the arrangements for that day, even though I was only 10 at the time I came along to some of them with my mum Jean Haynes.

I also remember the delicious eclairs you used to make.

By Sara (Haynes)
On 18/07/2009

Hi there Sara
Haven't been on here for a while and just picked up on your reply. How are you? Haven't seen Jean for a while, great days those. I still make the eclairs!! Kind regards, Maz x

By Marilyn Nolan
On 29/12/2009

I was born at 76 Evelyn Ave in 1946.I remember going on the walk every Good Friday over the south downs.with Mr Lillywhite .I went with my brothers Alan and Brian, and sister Ann. Sadly Ann passed away Dec 26th  2009. She would loved to have seen all these photos. I moved out of Newhaven in 2002 to live in Ireland. We used to do skipping in the road in Evelyn Ave. Had lookouts to tell us when cars were coming so we could get out of the way. Over the entrance of 76 Evelyn Ave we carved our names. I was over last year, I looked and the names are still there. I did not put my name, I put a heart shape. That's still there as well. I was about 8 .

By barbara raycraft
On 30/08/2010

Just saw these messages and I wanted to say I now live at 76 Evelyn Avenue and it is nice to hear about the names etched on the archway.  I have often wondered!

By Frederica Gandolf
On 03/08/2015

I am Barbara's neice, Anne's daughter, also born at 76 Evelyn Avenue in 1964 on my aunts birthday.  My mum was born there too in 1944. 

Mate those etchings still there? I would love to take a photo if they are.  


By Sharon Cocozza
On 11/10/2015

My grand parents once lived in Evelyn Avenue in the late forties, can't recall the number, but remember it was the house at the top on the right hand side. When I drove past a few years ago their front room had a garage door on it. They lived there until granddad died in 1949 I was 3 at the time but can remember the place well. 

By Terry Howard
On 14/10/2015

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