Were you there....?

By Andre Duchossoy

Apologies to all those whose names I have forgotten, and those whose names I may have got wrong, but after all, it is few moons ago since I last tightened up my woggle!

Back row l to r

?, Stephen Tapp, Ian Hendon, Adrian White, Steven Funnell, ? Billy Bushby, Saunders, Sanders, Paul Crook

Middle row

Chris Doyle, Richard Tapp, Ian Johns, Steven Robinson, Nigel Crouch, ?, Stace, ?, Reg Woolford, Andrew Gilbert


?, Kevin Sanders, Andre Duchossoy, ?, ?, ?, Laurence Deacon, ? Keith Watts

Photo:Cubs 1966? ish!

Cubs 1966? ish!

EBA Studios

This page was added by Andre Duchossoy on 21/09/2008.
Comments about this page

Yikes, Andre. That's a blast from the past alright.
All those names - like a who's who of mates, especially the ones from Gibbon Road like Nigel Crouch, Chris Doyle and Billy Bushby.

Judging by the manic looking fringe, that looks like me at the right hand end of the middle row, next to Reg Woolford.

Oh what memories - "Bombs coming over", counting 60 seconds and so on!


By Andy Gilbert
On 22/09/2008

Oh boy. I can still remember the hut and the game where we used to 'ho'p at each other with folded arms! Must have been character building or something!

I can add a couple of names in the back row. Next to Steve Funnell is John Sexton. The 'Saunders' is Mike. He, John, and I used to all live just round the corner from each other in 1st and 2nd Avenue

By Steve Robinson
On 25/10/2008

I can only name one other and that's another of my brothers: Robert (Bob) Sanders 2nd from the right back row. Kev and Rob always used to say they were off to 'cubes without the e'.

By Treena Sanders
On 30/05/2009

That's Akela on the right. British Bulldog was another game we used to play. Many of us went on to Scouts after Cub(e)s and some of us were asked to leave in no uncertain terms!

By Kev Sanders
On 28/11/2010

That's my mother, Joyce Terrill on the right. My dad (Des Terrill) built the cub hut.

By Alan Terrill
On 26/06/2011

I am standing on the left next to Joyce Terrill. I was then a Cub Instructor and my jungle name was Rickki. I later became Assistant Cub Scouter Leader and then Cub Scout Leader. I left the Group on my marriage in l974 but continued my Scouting life in Lancing and am still involved in a administrative role to date.

By Heather Allen nee Woolven
On 24/03/2014

The original Scout Hut was built in approx 1955, I think Alan your dad helped to build the extension on the end which housed toilets and kitchen.

The Group had moved from the Loder Hut (old railway huts in the Drove) as these were unsatisfactory premises.

It was unfortunate the original hut was burnt down - I have a photo of the opening ceremony - my father was Group Chairman and very instrumental in the acquisition of the site and building.

At least the Group now has a substantial and more permanent building.



By Heather Allen nee Woolven
On 20/06/2014

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