The ferry berths look pretty full on this day in the early 1960's

By John Hills

The picture taken from the small fishing boat " Viking " and shows five vessels alongside, I don't think there would be room for anymore!

Photo:Full use of the dockside.

Full use of the dockside.

M. W. Hills

This page was added by John Hills on 27/07/2008.
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Nice one, John. L-R: Brighton, Lisieux, Londres and two out of Rennes, Brest and Nantes.

By Andy Gilbert
On 28/07/2008

These pictures are very interesting to see but I have a question. Did they use cranes to load the cars onto the ferry and, if not when would it have been and which ferry?

Before the car ferry service started in 1964, cars were craned on board one of the three cargo ships, 'Rennes', 'Brest' or 'Nantes'. These were quite slow vessels and would leave well before the passenger steamer carrying the car's driver. By the time the motorist reached the other side of the channel, with luck, his car would have been craned off ready for him to drive away. - Andy, Editor.

By sue smith
On 16/05/2009

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