Constructed 1940

By Laurie Stonehouse

The forgotten Air Raid shelters from WWII in the grounds of the old Boys/County Secondary Modern School have recently been deemed unsafe. The small park above the shelters is currently closed, the shelters were constucted in 1940 presumably to protect the children from hostile bombs. Do you have any memories, or did you use these shelters during the last war?  

Photo:Park in Bay vue car park - April 2013

Park in Bay vue car park - April 2013

Laurie Stonehouse

Photo:Warning sign attached to the park gate - April 2013

Warning sign attached to the park gate - April 2013

Laurie Stonehouse

Photo:1st Entrance behind the park - April 2013

1st Entrance behind the park - April 2013

Laurie Stonehouse

Photo:2nd Entrance to the Air raid Shelter - April 2013

2nd Entrance to the Air raid Shelter - April 2013

Laurie Stonehouse

Photo:Sealed up door - April 2013

Sealed up door - April 2013

Laurie Stonehouse

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Comments about this page

I can remember going into the air raid shelters, I would have started at the school in 1941 coming up from the juniors in the March.  I left Newhaven in 1956, often when we came back I wondered where the shelters were, I thought they were (in) the upper play ground. Must when down next have a look at them.          

By David Brady
On 11/07/2014

I spent many an hour in the shelters, during school time, the teachers had us singing songs, while siting on wooden benches when the air raids were on.

By John Snow
On 12/07/2014

I wonder if they still there or have the entrances been blocked up ? 

By Sue
On 13/03/2017

I remember my mum telling me about these air raid shelters. Whilst playing truant sometime during the 1960s, my mum, her older sister and their friend decided to investigate them and thought it'd be a good idea to walk in one entrance, strike a match to guide their way through the shelter and come back out through another door. Almost halfway through, all three saw the ghost of a soldier in front of them, swiftly turned around and ran as fast as they could out the door they came in through and all the way back home to Peacehaven without saying a single word!

By Steve Jones
On 17/03/2017

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