Reunion in 2017

By Andy Gilbert, Sue Carnochan and Tony Higgs

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Tony Higgs

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 17/10/2017.
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Diane  Tucknott on the left, Janet Garwood  in the centre and Bob Hitchcock on the right.

By Eric Forbes
On 26/10/2017

Fred Pooley on extreme right.

By Tony Higgs
On 01/11/2017

G'Day all,

I'm a bit confused, just what does class of 67 mean?

I was a student there up until Dec 1965 when we left for Australia and there were many classes in each year. For example for second year say 2A1, 2A2, 2B1, 2B2, 2C1  etc.

I was in the same class a a certain Tony Higgs, Is the person named here the same Higgsy I wonder.

I had Mr Briton for English and French, he often referred to me as Haystack. I had a lot of hair in those days :)

Cheers all

 [Class of '67 in this case means the year group that left Newhaven County Secondary School in the Summer of 1967 - Andy, Editor]


By Michael Player
On 03/11/2017

Hi Michael,

You were in the same class as Tony Higgs. l do remember you from junior school as well as Newhaven Secondary. I hope life has been good  for you in Australia.

We are more than likely to meet up again next year. If you are over here let us know. Regards Eric Forbes.


By Eric Forbes
On 05/11/2017

G'Day again,

Right leaving 67, all classes, should have worked that out.

Anyway that is my class/year or would have been had I stayed there.

Eric, you may be confusing me with someone else, I came from Peacehaven so went to Telscombe Cliffs Primary before Newhaven Secondary.

Names elude me at the moment, apart Keith Viney who also came from Telscombe Cliffs and of course Tony.

Seem to remember 2 sets of twins in my class ?? One set black hair, the other set red hair. Any bells ringing ??

I'm currently semi retired in Bundaberg Queensland.




By Michael Player
On 05/11/2017

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