By Laurie Stonehouse

I'm not sure of the year, but it must be sometime around 1986-89. This seemed a common thing back in the 1980's but it may have only happened once or twice.

Did this happen throughout the last century?

The road outside Russell Simpson's was raised sometime after this happened, I don't know if this was done to stop the rec/Fort Road from flooding but I can't remember the park being flooded like this since.

Photo:Fort rd flood

Fort rd flood

Bob Stonehouse

Photo:Fort rd flood (2)

Fort rd flood (2)

Bob Stonehouse

Photo:Fort rd rec flood

Fort rd rec flood

Bob Stonehouse

Photo:Corner of Court Farm Road

Corner of Court Farm Road

Marilyn Nolan

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I have the Sussex Weather book (well worth a read), which shows Chapel Street and the road by Fort Road recreation ground, as being flooded on 2nd February 1983. I recall other floods after this date. I have just compared details in the pictures here and in the book and I believe that this flood is later than the 1983 one, as the lampost visible behind the toilet block in the centre picture, is of a more modern design in the pictures posted here.

By Keith Johnson
On 05/03/2008

Was it a combination of tide and weather that caused it to flood? I was away in the navy in 1983 but I remember having to clean out the old lifeboat house in '79 or '80 when similiar happened and it flooded the marina workshop next door. The lifeboat crew have a picture of my father; Len the coxswain; pointing to the highwater mark on the side of the boathouse which shows it as being about 3 feet above the level of the ground. The workshop for the lifeboat was on the ground floor so all the tins of paint, oil, grease etc had floated and spread themselves around the boathouse. About the same time he decided to clear out a clogged storm drain between the boathouse and marina workshop and stuck a crowbar through an old high voltage DC cable that used to feed the watchhouse. If it wasnt for the rubber boots he was wearing he probably would have gone bang. As it was, the flash and sizzle scared the daylights out of him and melted the end of the iron prybar - much to the amusement of the marina staff and lifeboat crew.

By Rob Patten
On 03/06/2008

When I worked in Kings confectioners in Bridge Street in the 50's, on several occasions, at very high tides, the sea would flood the back garden and kitchen !  I'm sure plenty of people also remember the R.A.F camp along the harbour also being flooded.

By Vicky Delaney
On 13/06/2008

My Nan & Grandad, Edith & Frank Kemp lived opposite the war memorial at 140 Chapel St for 60 years. Their house would be flooded every time there was a king tide & bad weather. On one occasion in the early 80's, they could not be rescued from upstairs until the electricity was cut off, because the water in the house was 4ft deep & the electric meters were under water.

By Ian Hendon
On 10/02/2010

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