One of Newhaven's town centre churches

By Andy Gilbert

The Baptist Church, Brighton Road, Newhaven. I went to Church and Sunday School here every week for many years.

Photo:The Baptist Church

The Baptist Church

Andy Gilbert

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This chapel was the first large building that my father's firm built. My grandparents always went to the old church so that is probably how they got the job.

By Trevor Bennett
On 12/02/2009

Would that be Oxley and Bennett then Trevor? I worked for Bannisters the Builders from 1961 to 1971.

By Terry Howard
On 23/02/2010

In the mid 60,s the wall on the Brighton Road side had started to lean towards the road. It was decided to put in two tie bars and plates with huge blocks of concrete to prevent the wall moving any further. This job of work was given to John "Taffy" Wells and myself, not bad for plumbers. The tie bars were about ten feet long and terminated in two below ground holes about one and a half cu yd. No mechanical aid in those days, pick and shovel only, All the concrete was knocked up in Oxley and Bennett,s yard in Lewes Road, then wheelbarrowed, Yes wheelbarrowed, to the job. Must have done the trick, I think the wall is still standing to this day. One thing, working for Oxley and Bennett, regardless of your trade, you could expect a variety of work which made good training.

By Colin Brandon
On 19/12/2010

On the outside of the roughly hexagonal entrance facade there are blocks with numbers carved into them (1 to 4, from memory, maybe 1 to 3). What would they be for?

By John Simmons
On 25/05/2011

This church was where the 1st Newhaven Girls Brigade Company met every Tuesday afternoon/evening and the Explorer section on Thursdays. 

We had a youth club on Friday nights, members included Anthony Ashdown, Richard Bosworth, Les Noble, Jeanette Parsons, Diane Holland, Janet Clark, Marianne Clark, Janet Wilson, Patricia Townsend, Deborah White-Hunn. It was led by John and Beryl Tattersall. 

Are there any past members reading this who have not been mentioned?

By Marianne Hillier (nee Clark)
On 29/08/2021

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