More photos from the renowned photographer

By Andy Gilbert

Here are a couple more photos from well-known photographer John Hendy. This time we're only going back a few years rather than into the heyday of the port.

The first image is cropped from a wider aerial view and shows the whole town, though much of Denton and South Heighton is behind a cloud. Bishopstone is seen at the right. 

Apart from the Transmanche ferry, the whole harbour is sadly devoid of major shipping.

The second photo is a view across the Marina of the first of the Transmanche Twins, Cote d'Albatre.

Photo:Newhaven from the air - post 2006.

Newhaven from the air - post 2006.

John Hendy

Photo:Cote d'Albatre at Newhaven

Cote d'Albatre at Newhaven

John Hendy

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