Early hours of 15th August 1965.

By John Hills

Here are three pictures taken on the morning of 15th August 1965 when the sheerlegs were finally removed from their site on the Railway Quay, after nearly a hundred years of service.

Photo:On the way down

On the way down

From Hills private collection

Photo:Step closer to watery a grave

Step closer to watery a grave

Hills private collection

Photo:Its all over

Its all over

Hills private collection

This page was added by John Hills on 23/05/2009.
Comments about this page

Yes I remember this happening as we had a photographic competition at school at the time and the winner of that competition was a lad by the name of Mr ......... Robinson, who won with his pictures, as like these they showed the final moments before the big splash! Apparently it all happened very early morning of that day so it required an early get up to gain this one off event as the dawn came .

By Chris Young
On 23/05/2009

Hello John. Remember it well. I was near the Watch House in the middle of the Fairway in Cresta Marine's workboat "Nubia" watching it all. seem to remember it was a cold morning too.

By William Still
On 24/05/2009

My mother tells how her grandfather, Leonard Hibling, for a bet climbed to the top of the sheerlegs and sat and played his cornet.

By Carol Walton
On 26/09/2009

This was a sad morning when the "Legs" were felled. My father and I were standing near the corner of the bridge at the time, and got soaked. I was told that he had also climbed these for some reason or other, although he never confirmed or denied it.  I often wondered why.

By Colin Brandon
On 28/06/2010

I always remember my dad (Alf Wiltshire) telling me how he helped with taking the sheerlegs down. He worked at Wheatley's the scrap merchants on the Drove as their crane driver. I wonder if Wheatley's dealt with the scrap metal from the legs?

By Phil Wiltshire
On 26/08/2012

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