WEST QUAY - 1954

Fishing Boats

By Laurie Stonehouse

These delightful pictures were taken by my Grandad Martin Ladd in 1954 with his then new camera.What is the big navy type vessel in the middle photo? anyone?

Photo:Fishing Boats 1954

Fishing Boats 1954

Martin Ladd

Photo:Fishing Boats (2) 1954

Fishing Boats (2) 1954

Martin Ladd

Photo:Fishing Boats (3) 1954

Fishing Boats (3) 1954

Martin Ladd

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Well, it was a Ton class minesweeper at one time, but the lack of gun, radar and other gear suggests that it had been sold off. That stage was the one used by Mike Newton-Smith's Metrec operations, so maybe it was his. I've seen it on a few photos of the time so I guess it was here for a while.

By Andy Gilbert
On 12/03/2008

Yes it most certainly looks like a 'Ton' class minesweeper and yes Metrec Ltd, acquired one in the late 1960's and I believe renamed it ' Investic' for use in there various salvage operations, which they were involved with . They had salvage rights on vessels in Scapa Flow at this time, with their yard/breakers yard in Robinson Road, Newhaven, at this local base various ex navy vessels were broken up , including a few minesweepers and a submarine. I worked at R. Lower & Sons at the time it was quite interesting to see what came next!

By Chris Young
On 30/05/2008

Yes, it was the 'Investic' I know because I worked for 'Mushy' for 3 years and we laid alongside Investic on pier 12 on the 'IRA', one of Mushy's salvage boats, an old 90' converted drifter trawler.

By Colin Greenall
On 15/12/2008

Its most definitely 'Investic' as other posts have stated.  I have a photograph of it taken from the stern end and the hull had been painted mid blue with white superstructure and the funnel was topped off with yellow.  The photo was taken c1971 and along side it was berthed what looked to be an old RAF motor launch with grey superstructure with portholes to the front. 

By Colin Hussey
On 02/05/2023

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