January 1985

By Bryan Berry

Photo:Senlac exiting harbour

Senlac exiting harbour

From the private collection of Bryan Berry

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I remember it well. I was on the bridge with my Dad and Captain John Payne as we sailed out.

Sealink had booked me to play the organ to entertain the passengers, and had actually craned the organ aboard. Alas the weather wasn't too good, and there was hardly anybody to entertain, so the boss said "Forget it!". As I was working shoreside for Sealink at the time, and I'd negotiated payment at double time for the entire day, from going on board to stepping off, I actually got paid to take the day trip. One of my better deals!

A sad day, all in all, and I recall the strains of "Rule Britannia" coming over the tannoy as we sailed into Dieppe. The next few days saw me back on board, doing stock checks and filling out mountains of paperwork as she was de-stored. There was even a rumour going around the ship that the deal had all fallen through, and that she was going to stay British after all, but Sealink was always good for rumours. If you hadn't heard one by mid-day, you felt obliged to start one.


By Andy Gilbert
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